Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Such In Impact.

              India is a land of innumerable differences and there are just three things that actually unite this very incongruous collage - The National Anthem, The National Currency and Sachin Tendulkar.
              Sachin, hero for millions, hope for millions, ideal for millions and in true sense God for millions. A blockbuster achiever both on and off the field is destined to share his space in Indian history books. Man who not only comes out unscathed of toughest batting conditions but also win over them has done it again. He has again won and united whole of India against hooliganism directed by the Thackerey's from Mumbai.
                       I couldn't stop smiling when i learned from The Indian Express that Bal Thackerey was ones       again concerned for Marathi Manoos. I remembered his statement that he gave after his party's disastrous defeat in recent state elections when rational Marathi Manoos had bogged him down over serious broader issues. He said that he was defeated by his own people (people of Maharashtra).They have broken his trust and he no more has faith in them. Now suddenly he is again worried about the very same people.
                      Well, Mr Thackerey what Sachin said was legitimate under rules of democracy. He only said what his heart thinks and he is best at doing what his heart asks him of. But what you do in name of Marathi Pride, in assembly or on the streets of Mumbai, is no way acceptable under any democracy or any civilization.One more thing i fail to understand is that who gave you the authority to raise voice of Marathi people and represent them? Represent Mumbai? Represent  
Marathi language? Even after when the same sensible people refused to accept your selfish tactics and voted for betterment instead.
                       Finally, I must tell you that Sachin is a king to whom it doesn't matter what the pawns and commoners has to say about him. He is a legend. He is a colossal icon for millions of us. He will not only find space in history books but he already shares space in our hearts for forever. And Indians are not well known for remembering commoners at most they name a road or place statue of theirs on a square and then forget them. Ultimatelhy i would like to request you to please stop creating furthermore fragmentations in already over divided Indian Society.


  1. Well Said!! I liked the way u started this blog...keep it up.

  2. well you don't need to teach mr. thakrey abt democracy, for if he were capable of understanding it, he wouldn't be doing what he has.

    Absolute religion - Cricket, and the god has absolutely dominated. I just wonder how do players like parthiv or raina feel,playing along side with the one they dreamt of being like.

  3. bala saheb tried to spit on the sky.........and found his face wet.......