Monday, January 11, 2010

...And years go by...!!

Adding new, taking few
fragments from my being.
Leaving few, chasing new
ever  higher  dreams.
Some days with smile;
Some leaving wet eye..
years go by..
And years go by..!!  

From mischiefs of childhood
to being sane.
Same maturity and sanity 
now seems so mundane.
Trivial tears and smile,
I never stop or try.
Now, I need reasons to laugh
and reasons to cry.
You need to grow;
If this is the way because
years go by..
And years go by..!!

Yes, I am corrupt
and I am stained.
That is what you wanted
and you only trained.
Now, the same you is 
claiming purity,
when I've bartered it
with your sanity.
Now i cant get it back;
How hard I try.
I lost it the same day;
You handled me Webster
and i looked for 'sly.'
But I grew
as I knew
years go by..
And years go by..!!
And years go by..!!

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